KGF Schools Foundation   (Registered)
The beginnings: The foundation started in July 2009 when the Late Mrs Edwards - Head Mistress of the school called Neil and said - "Please save our school”, the school had just been served a closure notice by the authorities for lack of basic toilet facilities.

Mrs. Edwards taught for 38 years in the school and used to go around in an auto encouraging children and speaking to their parents to get an education thus ensuring a steady intake in the primary school. We salute her commendable dedication. Photo of her at her desk on her last day as Head Mistress in the school.
The dedicated winning team: Leading the way is Neil, a successful Entrepreneur in Transport Solutions Industry called upon few friends and garnered support from Rotary International to build the Primary School toilets. Anthony Vincent a retired banker from Central Bank of India volunteered to keep a close eye on the financials ensuring necessary compliance over the years since the inception of the foundation. Amzad a professional from the Retail Industry stepped in and played a significant role in garnering support from the Alumni. Grish a professional Architect raised funds through his friends, helped in providing inputs / plans on the structural design. Sisir a professional from the IT Industry, with his passion for photography and attention to details helped document this journey and Ranga a professional in solar pumping solutions & providing clean water got involved.

Together, they planned and executed the following projects - building toilets, sunk a bore-well to tide over the water crises, rebuilding the Central Block with 6 class rooms which had caved-in, providing solar powered reading lamps, projectors & smart classes, extending the compound wall to provide a multipurpose playground, recruited Security personnel, planted 300 saplings etc.

They continue to strive as they proclaim - if we look only at the past or the future, we will miss the present !